Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'OK, Glass': Google shows you how it feels with new UI video

'OK, Glass': Google shows you how it feels with new UI video:
Ok, Glass translation, directions for Google's media darling revealed in video
If you've been wondering what all the Google this, Glass that fuss is all about, Mountain View's revealed what it'll be like to actually port a pair of its upcoming virtual specs with a new video, now that it's announced limited availability of the wearable computer. In it, we get to see how the search giant's integrated all its apps and functions in the upcoming device, how you're likely to use it, and what the results might be. To activate the device, users say "ok, glass," then it's off to the races.
From there, we see a hot air balloonist and ballet dancer initiate video recording and send an email or text with a voice command, which are likely to be jobs one and two for most users. Then, a (hopefully not distracted) stunt plane flyer joins a Google hangout mid-flight and sends real-time video to other members of the group, showing the Google+ and social interaction aspects of Project Glass. Image search is shown off by an ice sculptor, who selects various perspectives of a tiger for some inspiration.
The lost and confused are shown navigating their way through New York streets, the Golden Gate bridge, an airport and a ski hill to highlight Google's latest Maps and Now goodies, while a tourist all-too-happy with his Thai meal learns the word for delicious in that language using Google Translate. Finally, there's oodles of first person video from a fencer, horse jumper, trapeze artist, ping pong player and fire juggler, to name a few. All that gives us a sneak preview of the many, many YouTube videos likely to come from the device when it arrives -- though we'd hate to drop, burn or stab it by accident, given the cost. You'll find the video right after the break.
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