Thursday, January 17, 2013

American’s new retro logo

American’s new retro logo:
I don’t really care all that much about company logos. Very few are truly inspiring to me. So the hullabaloo about American Airlines announcing a new logo this morning isn’t all that exciting to me. I do find it quite entertaining that someone managed to find the new logo on their website more than an hour before they intended it to go public, though I’m also impressed that it managed to stay secret that long.
More entertaining to me, however, is the reminder that there really is nothing new in the world; everything is a derivative work of some sort. Even a brand new logo. Check out the old United Friend Ship logo (now currently on an A320):
Definitely not identical, but some striking similarities. Amazing what the shadow rendering in modern computers can do to a simple two-tone logo, huh?
Like I said above, I don’t really care all that much one way or the other on the new logo. I don’t consider it especially inspiring or special, but maybe that’s because it is brand new. Perhaps it will grow on me. Like a fungus. What do you think? Amazing, boring or who cares??
Also, props to David for noting the similarity to the old UA version.
UPDATE: It seems that the "ribbon" of the logo is not destined for the tail, where it would look decent enough. Instead the tail will be a flag pattern. Here’s a peek from

I’m shifting my position from neutral to sell.

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