Friday, September 14, 2012

Windows Phone 8 – Large Tiles could be its Biggest Advantage

Windows Phone 8 – Large Tiles could be its Biggest Advantage:

Even if you love your Android or iOS smartphone, and you think the operating system os perfect for you, they are not necessarily the right fit for everyone. People have preferences among operating systems and there is a good reason for that – choice. There are still viable reasons for users to choose alternative platforms like Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8 and even the up and coming BlackBerry 10 OS. Although these options lack in App support, they are still fast, fresh and fun!
Windows 7.5 and Windows 7.8 still have a market

Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 are premium Windows Phones with a superb polycarbonate unibody – the high quality construction shows off its build quality and durability. Meanwhile, there are still great affordable smartphone solutions also made by Nokia through Windows Phone 7.5 – namely Nokia Lumia 710 and 610. Not everyone needs to play 3D games on their phone or output 1080P video through an HDMI out just to enjoy a smartphone.
Just like most smartphone users on Android or iOS, users can still send emails, messages and browse the web smoothly with the Windows Phone devices.  But the catch is that the devices are usually much cheaper than its competitors. The Lumia 710 is a great example. I have seen it sell for brand new from $159 USD (on sale) to $259 USD.

Microsoft’s Metro UI – Is it Usable?
Many people complain about how ugly the Metro UI or the tiles are but this layout could be Microsoft’s biggest advantage. The large tiles are easily visible and simple to set-up. My uncle has poor vision so he customized his HTC Android phone so that he has multiple icons for each frequently used app on his homescreen – just so he won’t miss it when he wants to make a call or browse the web.
His phone layout would look something like this:

But with a Windows Phone, everything on the smartphone is just so much easier. He mostly uses the main functions of a smartphone and Windows Phone lets him set-up and use his main apps in no-time. He didn’t choose the expensive iPhone because the screen was a little small for him and the small text was more burdensome than helpful.

Now that he has switched to Nokia Lumia 800, he has a smartphone that he can actually hit his keys properly at an affordable price point. In fact, this is his best smartphone solution yet. His phone will soon be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 where tiles can be resized.

There littler things going for the Windows Phone  platform that many people don’t realize, they have good security, affordable pricing, decent Apps, reasonable choice and easy usability.
What my uncle says that he misses being able to set his own wallpaper or play many free games on Android with the Windows Phone. But in terms of his productivity with the smartphone, it has improved a lot.
Theres more of Windows 8 on its way.
Microsoft promises fast dual-core processors, standards for great cameras, growing App market and security for business phones. They offer an easy-to-use yet more affordable smartphone options than Samsung and Apple’s high-end market.
Have a look-out for Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC for the Windows Phone 8 launch.

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