Friday, June 8, 2012

[Rumour] New iPhone 5 Parts Video on YouTube

[Rumour] New iPhone 5 Parts Video on YouTube:

ETradeSupply, a cell phone parts seller, has the backplate for the potential iPhone 5 on video. He believes that the phone is a unibody back for the next iPhone and he thinks that it’s quite possible that the iPhone 5 will sport a 4” screen since the new iPhone is taller.  If this is also real, then this back case is similar to myprevious article about the iPhone 5. (Found here)

There are also changes to the speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack. Moreover, the 30 pin proprietary Apple jack has also been changed. Found in the image below:

He also notices that the new SIM card tray is smaller than the one for the MicroSIM card slot. This could mean that the NanoSIM card that was recently approved is in the latest iPhone 5. More information about the NanoSIM can be found here.
Be sure to check out his video here:

I’m liking the black aluminum design. WWDC is just around the corner. Hopefully, we’ll really get to see what the entire iPhone 5 will have in store for us along with Apple’s other new products.

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