Thursday, June 21, 2012

OS X App Updates Desktop Background to Where You Are Right Now

OS X App Updates Desktop Background to Where You Are Right Now:

I can see my house from here. Photo: Peter McCollough/Wired
Knowing where you are is important. While smartphones are able to determine your location, sometimes you want a larger map of where you are at any given moment. Either you want to bask in location-awareness, or you simply need helpful reminders — because you have short-term memory problems, or are tanked.
The Satellite Eyes app for OS X Lion delivers that information in a live-updating map that fills your computer’s entire display. It does this by changing the OS X desktop background image to a Bing aerial map of your current location. So if you’re working in New York, your background image will be an overhead of the Big Apple.
The app is helpful while traveling in unfamiliar cities. Multiple levels of zoom are also available so users can select the street, the city, or the region they are currently working in. As such, the map can provide directly utility, or just a pretty picture.
The app features four map styles: There’s an aerial view for a spy satellite vibe. Terrain view provides names of streets to help you navigate. Toner view is a black-and-white version of Terrain view that’s very high contrast. And the Watercolor view gives your location a nice artsy feel. Perfect for hanging out in trendy cafes.
Satellite Eyes is free and requires Location Services switched on in OS X.

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