Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MacBook Pro with Retina display shipping slips to 2-3 weeks

MacBook Pro with Retina display shipping slips to 2-3 weeks:
If you waited until today to place your order for a new MacBook Pro with Retina display on the online Apple Store, you're not going to see that sweet piece of precious metal for a while. CNET's Don Reisinger reports that the newest MacBook Pro -- which started shipping yesterday -- is now showing a two to three week ship date.
Reisinger wonders in his post if the delay is "due to miscommunication, a shipping snag, or simply that the first batch has sold out." The excited response by the Mac community yesterday seems to indicate that it's the latter choice -- there were just so many people who ran to their local Apple Store or ordered a device online yesterday that the initial batch of units was exhausted before the end of the day.
This has happened before with extremely popular Apple products, including the iPhone and iPad. Usually there's an initial stock of devices that are snatched up by happy Apple fans, then a wait until manufacturing and shipping can catch up to the demand. We'll keep an eye on the shipping time for any TUAW readers who were hoping to get one of the Retina display MacBook Pros soon.
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