Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green-Eyed Lady

Green-Eyed Lady:
I always enjoy using this blog to take you behind the scenes. And today, something pretty exciting happened at our Renton factory that I wanted to share. The fuselage for what will be our very first ecoDemonstrator airplane moved into the factory.

Waiting to move into our Renton factory.

This 737-800 for American Airlines will be a flying testbed for environmentally progressive technologies in order to accelerate the use of this technology on future airplanes.

The ecoDemonstrator fuselage inside the 737 factory.

The airplane will feature adaptable trailing edge technology to cut down on noise and emissions during the entire flight. Its variable area fan nozzle will reduce community noise, while flight trajectory optimization allows crews to determine more fuel-efficient routes. The airplane will also feature regenerative fuel cells for onboard power to potentially reduce weight, fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

We look forward to seeing how this airplane performs and want to thank American Airlines for helping us take yet another dramatic step forward in minimizing our impact on the environment. While this airplane may not have green eyes, she’ll certainly look beautiful in the sky.


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