Saturday, May 19, 2012

Your Very Own Cleaner, Faster Plane, Now on Kickstarter

Your Very Own Cleaner, Faster Plane, Now on Kickstarter:

Synergy Aircraft John McGinnis
The Synergy aircraft, propelled by a fan in back and buoyed by a boxy tail, promises to be cheaper, safer, quieter, and vastly more efficient than a jet airplane. The hitch is that it doesn't quite exist yet, but it's nearly halfway to its goal on Kickstarter, so now is your chance to invest.
The shape is not unlike the jets of the future we looked at in our May issue, but the technology is very different. A quarter-scale flying prototype was unveiled a year ago, demonstrating the unique "induced drag reduction" method developed by inventor John McGinnis.
I'm very curious to see the full-size prototype in action.

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