Saturday, May 12, 2012

Falcon 50 with API Winglets Debuts At EBACE

Falcon 50 with API Winglets Debuts At EBACE:
A Falcon 50 featuring Aviation Partners's blended winglets is now at EBACE, interrupting the flight certification program underway in the U.S.
(Photo: API) 
The new winglet retrofit design for the Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 was unveiled at last year's NBAA.
The first few weeks of flight testing are now underway with API projecting an FAA supplemental type certificate being granted in late-July and European Aviation Safety Agency approval not long after.
A "handful" of orders have been booked, but API expects more market uptake as the device gains more attention.
The company promises drag improvements that yield a 5% range increase at Mach 0.8 or 7% at long-range cruise.

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