Thursday, May 3, 2012

AVX Aircraft granted patent on helicopter propulsion concept

AVX Aircraft granted patent on helicopter propulsion concept:
AX244_6FEC_9AVX Aircraft Co. of Fort Worth announced Wednesday that it had been granted a "primary utility patent" for its helicopter propulsion concept that uses coaxial rotors for lift and rear-mounted ducted fans for thrust.
AVX last fall received an Army contract to study the use of its concept for a new generation of helicopters.
Here's the text of the company's press release:
AVX Aircraft Company today announced that it has been granted its primary utility patent by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.  The Company’s utility patent covers all aspects of its unique technical functions and configuration, consisting of coaxial rotors and dual ducted fans, the relationship between the rotors and fans, which provide propulsion and directional control, as well as a number of internal controls and components (“AVX Technology”).  The Patent Office granted all claims requested under AVX’s patent application.  AVX previously received its primary design patent (D592,583) in May, 2009.

AVX President and Chief Engineer, Troy Gaffey, stated, “The granting of this patent application is an important milestone for the company.  We’re very pleased that the patent office recognizes that AVX Technology is unique and unprecedented in the field of aircraft.”

Since the main rotors are needed only for lift, the aircraft is able to fly level, similar to a fixed-wing aircraft, resulting in less drag than conventional rotorcraft.  The rear fans act like propellers and provide 30%-50% greater speed than conventional rotorcraft, and also provide directional control which simplifies the function of the rotors.

Developed and analyzed by the Company’s highly experienced aerospace engineers, and validated by independent outside consultants, AVX Technology combines proven technologies to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency, speed, range, fuel efficiency, hover out of ground effect, ability to operate in hotter temperatures and at higher altitudes, and greater utility than conventional helicopters.  AVX Technology™ is scalable to any size helicopter and is applicable to commercial and military aircraft.
AVX Aircraft Company is currently under contract to conduct Configuration Trades Analysis (CTA) studies for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) aircraft.

-Bob Cox

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