Monday, April 30, 2012

VIDEO: NASA and the Controlled Impact Demonstration

VIDEO: NASA and the Controlled Impact Demonstration: As video emerges of a Boeing 727 passenger jet deliberately crash-landed in the Mexican desert as part of a scientific experiment for for Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel, thoughts go back 1984, and the Controlled Impact Demonstration from NASA.

According to NASA, the demonstration tested the following scenario.
"The Controlled Impact Demonstration tested a promising fuel additive for retarding or suppressing fire in a real-world aircraft crash-landing scenario. When blended with standard Jet-A fuel, the FM-9 additive, a high molecular weight long-chain polymer, had demonstrated the capability to inhibit ignition and flame propagation of the released fuel in simulated impact tests."
See how Flight International covered the idea in 1984
Controlled Impact Demonstration.jpg

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