Saturday, February 11, 2012

SGA2012: Jackie Chan beats rush hour with his 650

SGA2012: Jackie Chan beats rush hour with his 650: rsz_jc_in_jcjet_-_embraer_legacy650-1303.jpg
For many owners and users of private jets, mostly rich businessmen or company executives (high net-worth individuals, in the industry parlance) who need to zip around from one place to another without being held back by airline schedules, these aircraft are a business tool.

Yet, most people are more familiar with the glamorous side of it all. You see it in the movies or music videos, where the stars climb out of their aircraft to a waiting limousine that whisks them away to an exclusive party. That is how most, rightly or wrongly, perceive private jets.

Some of that stardust will be on show at the Singapore Airshow next week, when Chinese movie star Jackie Chan's brand new Embraer Legacy 650 will be on the static display.

The man himself will not be in town, and I doubt that the interior will be opened up to the general public. Yet, those who see his "JC Jet" will get an inkling of how a global movie star travels. And you have to admit - it is a pretty cool way to get around.

Want to join the club? Just give the Embraer executives at the show a cheque for $30 million, and one of these babies is yours. Excuse me while I go call my banker.


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