Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movie Tuesday - February 7 - Three Approaches, Three Perspectives

Movie Tuesday - February 7 - Three Approaches, Three Perspectives:
SEATTLE -- Movie Monday comes a day later than usual today and gives a unique look at some of the worlds most interesting approaches.

The first video puts you in the flight deck of an A320 on approach to Paro, Bhutan's capital city and widely believed to be the most difficult approach in the world. The runway, which sits at 7,300ft, is surrounded by 12,000ft peaks.

The second video, which I shot in November, was filmed on the upper deck of an Air France A380. While it's not a flight deck point of view, the IFE onboard allows multiple external views. I took advantage of both and tuned one screen to a forward view from the A380's tail and the other to a straight-down view at the ground below.

After our turn final it became clear that there was a significant crosswind, and the superjumbo would crab into the wind. On the straight-down camera view, notice the offset angle of the markings on the runway as the A380 compensated for the perpendicular wind component.

The third video, I shot from the jumpseat of an Embraer Lineage 1000 while on approach to Santos Dumont Airport in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The views out the front of the modified Embraer 190 provided a look at the amazing terrain that defines Rio, including the city's iconic Sugarloaf.

The Jeppesen charts for the Bhutan and Santos Dumont arrival, which should under no circumstance be used for actual flying, are available after the jump.

All told, these three videos run about 17min. Enjoy!

Paro, Bhutan VOR DME approach
Santos Dumont, Rio De Janiero, Brazil VOR or NDB C Runway 20 approach
Santos Dumont Airport Jeppesen Chart - VOR NDB C Rwy 20 - SBRJ/SDU

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