Thursday, September 1, 2011

All in a day's work:

While our 737 has always been the workhorse of the Boeing fleet, some new numbers show the 777 is also putting in a pretty good day’s work.

The more than 60 operators flying the 777 have increased the average number of hours they operate the airplane to more than 12 hours per day. That’s an increase of one hour since the airplane went into service in 1995. The average flight length is now six hours, with nearly 1,900 777 flights taking off every day. The longest range 777, the 777-200LR, now has an average flight length of nine hours and operates 14.3 hours per day.


The 777-200LR has the longest range of our 777 family.

These numbers speak to both the reliability and capability of the 777. They also show just how valuable this airplane is to our customers.

I was in the 777 factory just last week where our team continues to do amazing things. They’ve creatively met the challenges of going up in rate to meet the demand for this incredibly popular airplane. And they truly do it as a team.


Members of our 777 team gather to share the plan for the day in Everett.

Twice each weekday in final assembly in a small bullpen, as many as five dozen team leaders, support staff and managers gather for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a chance for everyone to give their input and talk about the plan for the coming day. Nothing fancy—just pure teamwork. And as these numbers prove— it’s really paying off.

from Randy's Journal

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