Thursday, August 4, 2011

China’s Carrier on Dry Land

China’s Carrier on Dry Land: "

Thought I’d sign off for the day with this image from Google Maps showing the mock up of the aircraft carrier Shi Lang that the PLAN built at the Wuhan Naval Research facility on the shore of Huangjia Lake in China. Zooming in shows a model Su-33 carrier-borne fighter and what looks like some sort of fake helo on the deck (also notice the ski jump on the bow). The phony carrier has been known about for a long time and this has been visible for a while so it’s nothing new. Still, it’s interesting to see it from above. Here’s a link to it on the map.

The picture below from the Scramble forum shows the fake carrier under construction. Pretty cool to see it looking like a carrier on top and just another building below the “flight deck.”


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