Thursday, August 11, 2011

AluCube, a Metal Hole for Your AluPen

AluCube, a Metal Hole for Your AluPen: "


Make your iPad stylus look like a rocket ready to take off with the AluCube

Just Mobile, experts in making chunky objects from blocks of aluminum, has come up with a companion for its AluPen stylus. Called the AluCube, it is a desk stand for the capacitive pen.

The AluCube is, as the name would suggest, an aluminum cube. In one side is drilled a pen-sized hole which is padded to make a soft, rubber-lined orifice into which the shaft of your thick stylus can snugly slip. Underneath is a groove through which a cable can be snaked, stopping your iPhone’s charging cable from slipping off the desk when not in use, for example.

I keep my AluPen flat on the desk, as the god of minimalism intended, and its six flat surfaces mean it never rolls away. I can, however, see the appeal of an inkwell-like pot into which to put it. I can also see the AluCube being the perfect fiddling companion for idle fingers.

Available now for $16, or $40 in a set with the AluPen.

AluCube product page [Just Mobile. Thanks, Erich!]


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