Friday, July 22, 2011

Up close and personal

Up close and personal: "

If you’ve never had the good fortune of standing beside a Next-Generation 737, we have a fix. Thanks to some pretty cool technology, you can now get down to “rivet level” of the airplane without leaving your computer.

A digital marketing firm called [wire]stone worked with Boeing to create the highest resolution images ever taken of the 737. The detail is so rich that you have to count it in gigapixels—1000 times the information of megapixels.


Click on the image for a cool “zoom in” experience.

With a new 737-900ER for United Airlines serving as the cover model, digital cameras were placed on several robot mounts to capture 20,000 hi-res images of the airplane. Those photos were then stitched together to create a 360-degree interactive view of the airplane. As a result, you can zoom in on just about every part of this 737 and learn more about how it functions. Click here to try it out. (Boeing employees can experience it from a home computer.)

Although you may have never seen a 737 like this, you will definitely see this airplane (and, pending board approval, its new engine variant) for decades to come.

By the way, as part of our continuous innovation the first 737 with certified performance improvement engines was delivered to China Southern last week. It’s part of a performance improvement package (PIP) we began testing last November with the goal of cutting fuel consumption by 2 percent. The new improvements will give our customers an airplane that’s up to 7 percent more efficient than the first Next-Generation 737s delivered.


The new CFM56-7BE engine configuration, which is now standard on all delivered 737s, is an improved design that includes high and low pressure turbine modification.

So go ahead and get up close and personal with the 737. It’s quite a view. (To see how the photo shoot came together, watch this video)


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