Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jailbreakme 3.0: Unlock Your iPad 2 From the Browser

Jailbreakme 3.0: Unlock Your iPad 2 From the Browser: "

Jailbreak you iPad 2 right there in Mobile Safari. If you dare...

If you trust a website that uses an unpatched security exploit to enable root access on your iOS device, then you might want to go ahead and visit (v3.0), a site that offers a fast jailbreak which doesn’t require a computer to do the work. The hack will work with the iPhone 3GS and better, the iPod Touch 3G and up, and both iPads. Yes, you can finally jailbreak your iPad 2.

The jailbreak works via a vulnerability in the iOS PDF display code. You visit the site in Mobile Safari, tap a link and the exploit goes to work, gaining root access to the file system and installing the Cydia app store.

The Cydia developers, somewhat ironically, have a patch ready that will fix the PDF vulnerability, although it can’t be long until Apple releases its own fix in the form of an OS update. I tried an earlier version in August 2010 and it worked great — easily the simplest jailbreak I have ever done. But I quickly restored my iPod Touch to a normal, un-jailbroken state for reasons of paranoia.

We certainly have no reason to think that there is any malicious payload inside the exploit, but on the other hand we have no evidence that there isn’t. Caveat emptor, and all that.

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