Sunday, July 31, 2011

Electric Propeller Adds Awesomeness to Paper Planes

Electric Propeller Adds Awesomeness to Paper Planes: "

E9e7 electric paper airplane conversion kit charge

If the Wright Brothers had had this paper plane motor, they could have skipped their tedious double-decker bi-wing design

I’m pretty good at paper airplanes. With the right design and a few extra creases (a Concord-like bent beak at the nose, and a raising of flaps at the back end of the wings) you can make a plane that flies straight and true, and doesn’t loop-the-loop as soon as you throw it. In combination with the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, I have a feeling my planes could be unstoppable.

The kit comes from everybody’s favorite nerdware vendor, ThinkGeek. It consists of a propeller which pushes the plane from the back driven by a small motor up front, and the two are connected by a 7.25-inch shaft. Juice the motor for 20 seconds using the included battery pack and the propeller will spin for 90 seconds. That’s a lifetime in paper-airplane years.

Imagine. In 90 seconds, your plane could fly the length of your street. Or it could be sent off to the dorks on the other side of the office, giving you time to slip back into your cubicle chair and watch the results out of the corner of your eye. If you get really lucky, it might veer off course just as it passes the human resources department, shooting through the boss’ door during an important client meeting and getting those idiots from HR fired. They deserve it anyway, right?

The kit costs $20 and is available now. Batteries are not supplied, but awesomeness comes included in the box.

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit [ThinkGeek]


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