Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Closer Look: ANA's 787 first delivery configuration

A Closer Look: ANA's 787 first delivery configuration: "
With ZA002 bouncing between airports in Japan this week, 787 has been on display for the aircraft's Service Ready Operational Validation (SROV). While the external paint matches that of the 787's launch customer, All Nippon Airways, the interior could not be more dissimilar.

As a test aircraft, ZA002's interior is stocked with racks of instrumentation and bare insulation sidewalls, not the stylized interior that Boeing offers with each 787.

The first 787 that will be delivered to ANA, ZA101, Airplane Eight, is currently parked at Factory South undergoing change incorporation and cabin outfitting. When it is handed over to All Nippon Airways in August or September it will not immediately enter service as the carrier waits for the formal regulatory sign-off from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau to begin passenger operations.

When it does begin revenue operations, the 787 is expected to remain on domestic operations to begin its life with ANA for pilot training before stretching its legs to regional destinations. The airline announced this past weekend it had narrowed its choices for the first 787 route to two cities from Tokyo's Haneda International Airport: Hiroshima or Okayama.

ANA's fifth 787 will be its first to fly on long routes from Japan, and will be configured with around 200 seats in a two-class configuration with its staggered business (1-2-1 and 1-1-1), a configuration it unveiled at the Paris Air Show along with the special paint scheme for its first two aircraft.

The first four 787s delivered, thought to be Airplanes Seven, Eight, Nine and 24 will feature a two-class cabin configured for the short to medium-haul missions. However, ANA has not officially unveiled the cabin details for its medium to short-haul 787s, footage published at ZA002's arrival at Haneda this past weekend provided the first look inside the aircraft. The same footage can be seen on the airline's Made with Japan promotional film (interior at :47) on the airline's youtube channel.

A bit of digging revealed that ANA has selected Sicma AIRgonomic FX seating for its economy seats, laid out at eight-abreast in a 2-4-2 arrangement. Like its 777-300ERs, ANA appears to have opted for a 24-seat mini-economy cabin ahead of the door two LED archway on the short-haul configuration and behind a second zone of staggered business seating for the long-haul arrangement. Also at the archway appears to be a counter-height bar unit, presumably for economy passengers.

ANA Sicma Majesty 1.jpgANA-787-SH-Y_560.jpg
The only notable difference between the long-range and short-range economy cabins appear to be a smaller seat pitch (34" on long-haul), 9in IFE (10.6in on long-haul) screen that doesn't include a Panasonic eXport iPod jack. Up front, ANA has chosen a 2-2-2 arrangement with Sicma Majesty up front in its regional business class configuration.

After the jump you'll find three videos from Boeing and ANA which give you a look inside ZA002's cabin on its flight to Japan, and most notably for those who love the view out the window, a look at the 787's wing flex at takeoff and cruise. The videos also include progress reports on the SROV missions at Haneda, as well as the 14 minute raw video of ZA002's arrival in Tokyo.


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