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Belkin Window Mount review, mounts any device to your car’s windshield

Belkin Window Mount review, mounts any device to your car’s windshield: "

Belkin Window Mount

GPS devices are becoming more popular. Subsequently, smartphones are now being introduced to GPS and GPS applications. Most GPS devices come with window mounts for a car. However, smartphones rarely ship with this accessory. Sometimes you can purchase a window mount made for your smartphone, but what if there is no window mount that fits your smartphone? Belkin took a leap towards a solution with their window mount. Belkin’s window mount works like any standard car window mount. The unique aspect of this product is that it fits almost any device you can think of. You can use it with any smartphone, GPS device or anything that will fit inside of it (which includes most handheld devices). Does Belkin’s window mount put other mounts to shame? Find out in thegadgetsite’s review, after the break.

Belkin Window Mount box


Belkin’s window mount has a few extras built-in. The suction cup includes a lock that will suck in extra air, minimizing the risk of your precious device falling off your windshield. The mount comes with a cord clip to hold a charging cable out of your way. Furthermore, after placing the device in the mount, the device will still rotate to various orientations. Most other window mounts will typically hold the device only in landscape orientation. The ability to rotate the device any way I wanted was a major plus for me because I could use other apps, such as a phone app, in portrait orientation. After a phone call, I could switch back to the GPS app and easily turn my phone back to landscape orientation.

Another major advantage to Belkin’s window mount is the ability to mount just about any handheld device. On the end of the mount are two prongs that hold the sides of the device. With the press of a button, the prongs extend to about 11.4 cm, meaning that the maximum width of the device would be 11.4 cm since the mount is designed to hold the device by its sides. At that width, you can squeeze a Samsung Galaxy Tab in the mount! This just goes to show that the mount is truly compatible with almost every cell phone. After extending the prongs, you can place your device in between them and push them together so they hold the device snugly. The smallest width that the prongs will go to is about 5.7 cm.

Belkin Window Mount 1The mount works as expected, too. The prongs have rubber where they hold the device so your device doesn’t get scratches. The mount holds the device firmly enough so that I don’t feel scared that my phone’s about to fall out every time I hit a bump on the road. The suction cup works great, as well. The lock feature ensures that the mount won’t unexpectedly fall. It works the same as most other suction cups, including the safety guard that you should periodically re-lock it into place, as the suction cup does loose its grip over time. However, this rule applies to all suction cups and mounts.

The stick that connects the suction cup to the prongs is somewhat rubberized and bendable. This way, you can bend the mount to maximum viewing pleasure!


This mount should have no problem lasting for a long time, if not a lifetime. The suction cup seems very durable. It’s thicker than most other suction cups that I’ve seen on mounts. Most of the product is rubberized, making the mount hard to scratch or break in two pieces. The weakest part of the mount is the prongs. While the tips of the prongs are rubber to prevent the device from getting scratched, the rest of the prongs are plastic. It seems like the prongs could break if too much pressure is applied. However, if you just make sure that you don’t try to tighten them too much on the device, they shouldn’t break. If they do break, the mount comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Belkin Window Mount 3


I would recommend the Bekin window mount to anybody looking for a window mount. Throw out the need to find a window mount specially made for your iPhone, Droid, Sensation, or whatever phone you might have. This mount will work with almost any handheld device. This way, if you ever get a new phone, there’s no need to find a new mount! The mount will also work with GPS devices.

The mount is very sturdy and holds the device steadily and snugly. I didn’t have to worry about my phone falling out of the mount.

Belkin Window Mount 4The device can be rotated any way you’d like, making it easy to switch from a landscape GPS app to portrait apps, maybe for phone calls. Overall, the mount works great. Even better, it’s at a great price: $29.99. The Belkin window mount can be picked up from various retailers, including Belkin’s website and Apple’s website.

10/10 review grade


  • Works with almost any handheld device

  • Holds the device steadily and snugly

  • Suction cup includes lock feature to minimize the risk of the mount falling

  • Mount can be bent to point in different directions for best viewing by the driver

  • Feels very durable


  • Prongs that hold the device are made of plastic and seem possible to break if you try to make them too tight around the device

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