Saturday, June 18, 2011

Video: Wingsuit Flying Below the Treetops

Video: Wingsuit Flying Below the Treetops: "

We cover a wide range of flying here at and inevitably hear pilots describe an aircraft as “the closest you can get to flying flying like a bird.” Typically they’re trying to express the handling characteristics of whatever it is they’re flying. Still, it’s always a bit of a stretch to think anything so big as an airplane is anything like flying like a bird.

However if a wingsuit pilot said, “it’s the closest you can get to flying like a bird,” we’re probably going to agree. When the first videos of wingsuit “proximity flying” started appearing a few years back, it was clear an avian experience was at hand.

With wingsuits providing better control over their glide and even more maneuverability, the pilots wearing them can fly through ever-tighter valleys and canyons while soaring beneath the trees. They’re still flying more like a wing shaped brick than a bird, but it’s getting more impressive with every new suit as this video hawking Hoka OneOne shoes proves.

Video: HokaOneOne/YouTube


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