Friday, June 24, 2011

QR Code Bands share personal information from your wrist

QR Code Bands share personal information from your wrist: "

Skanz QR Code BandsRejoice, shy people! The need for conversation is being eliminated! A company by the name of Skanz is producing QR Code Bands, wrist bands that link to your personal information. The wrist bands contain a QR code printed on them. A QR code is an image that can be recognized by a program, such as a smartphone app, and linked to trigger an action. In this case, somebody can scan the QR code on the wrist band with their smartphone and the smartphone will open a webpage that contains the band wearer’s information. When you purchase one of these wrist bands, you can create a profile at Skanz’s website. There, you can insert which information you would like to share with people via the QR code. That profile will launch when a smartphone scans the wrist band’s QR code. Probably the best part of all of this is that the QR codes come in different colors! Fancy!

A college guy may meet a cute girl and instead of swapping information, a quick flash of your QR Code will give them access to all the information they need to stay in touch. -Skanz spokesperson

The company hopes that these QR Code Bands will become a fashion statement and that all of the young people, not just the geeky ones, will have a QR code embedded on them. But they aren’t stopping there. The company is aiming to launch smartphone covers with QR codes as well. This way, you can scan another smartphone with your smartphone! Plus, if you loose your smartphone, random people will know whatever information you put on your Skanz profile. While this could be a good thing for getting your phone back, there’s always the bad crowd of folks that you’d rather not give that info to.

What do you think about these QR Code products? Would you walk around with a QR Code Band on your wrist? Do you feel that this can compromise your privacy and security? Let us know in the comments!


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