Monday, May 2, 2011

White iPhone 4 Not Really Thicker Than Black Model … Or Is It?

White iPhone 4 Not Really Thicker Than Black Model … Or Is It?: "

Black iPhone and White iPhone in calipers

Consumer Reports used digital calipers to measure the thickness of black and white iPhones, and found them identical. Photo courtesy Consumer Reports.

Contrary to last week’s reports, the white iPhone is not actually thicker than the black iPhone.

So said Apple VP Phil Schiller in a private Twitter message sent to a reader of 9to5 Mac.

“It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read,” said the purported Schiller tweet.

Consumer Reports backs up Schiller’s assertion, having placed both models in a set of accurate digital calipers. Both models are 0.37 inches thick, according to CR’s lab tests. In addition, CR tried both phones’ fit with a variety of different cases, and found no problems fitting the white iPhone into any of the coverings.

Schiller’s statement and CR’s measurements seem to fly in the face of photographic evidence showing a thicker white iPhone, but photographs can be misleading. In any event, the purported thickness difference is only 0.2mm, or about one-fifth the thickness of a dime. And if both phones fit into the same cases, there’s not much cause for worry in any event.

We’ll update you with any further developments in Thicknessgate as soon as we wake up from this nap we suddenly feel the urge to take.


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