Friday, May 20, 2011

Triclops - Three Eyes Are Better than One

Triclops - Three Eyes Are Better than One: "A centerpiece of the US Army's Manned Unmanned Systems Integration Capability (MUSIC) exercise at Dugway Proving Ground in September will be Triclops - an MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV carrying not one, but three independent EO/IR sensor turrets.

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Graphic: US Army

The Triclops demonstrator is scheduled to fly in June, says Tim Owings, Army deputy program manager for UAS. In the Music demonstration, the aircraft will be used to show that one sensor can be controlled by an AH-64D Apache, another by a soldier on the ground using a bi-directional remote video terminal (RVT), while the third is controlled by the UAS operator in the Army's universal ground control station (UCGS).

The Gray Eagle will be able to do this, Owings says, because it will carry both the TCDL datalink used by the Apache and UGCS and the DDL datalink used by the mini-UGCS that has been developed to allow soldiers to control all three of the Army's small hand-launched UAS: Wasp, Raven and Puma. Triclops, bi-directional RVT, UGCS and mini-UGCS will be the 'new' things on show at MUSIC.

MUSIC is all about showing how the Army's manned-umanned teaming architecture allows video imagery to move between helicopters, UAVs, ground stations and soldiers. The next step for Triclops after the demonstration is likely to be an operational deployment to evaluate its military utility."

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