Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid-Week Videos: J-20 Up Close and the F-35B Hovering

Mid-Week Videos: J-20 Up Close and the F-35B Hovering: "

Steve Trimble over at his blog The DEW Line is killing it with the cool videos. First up, check out this close up video of China’s J-20 stealth figther appearing out of the haze as it roars in for a landing at its plant in Chengdu china. Yes, the plane’s been in public for months now, but it’s still cool to see it flying, especially this close.

Next is this video shot by someone from the window of a taxiing Beechcraft King Air (likely a Navy C-12 Huron) showing an F-35B performing hover tests at NAS Patuxent River in Maryland. Well, he had this video, but it’s recently been deleted from YouTube by its original uploader. Looks like NAVAIR or Lockheed PAOs weren’t exactly thrilled about people seeing an unauthorized video of the F-35B hovering. Here’s a screenshot:


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