Friday, May 13, 2011

Maryland nabs human-powered helicopter record! (UNOFFICIAL)

Maryland nabs human-powered helicopter record! (UNOFFICIAL): "

Gamera sucess.JPG

They did it! The University of Maryland's School of Engineering, along with 'pilot' and peddler Judy Wexler has, unofficially for now, set a world endurance record for a human-powered helicotper!

The 5:30pm final flight attempt today, Wexler and 'Gamera' had clearly cleared the floor at all four corner posts and the pilot's seat, according to bystanders, rising at least several inches in the air.

Kristin Maynard, an NAA official at Maryland to witness the test, said 'It looked pretty good from where I stood', but acknowledged that the record will remain unofficial until video from flight is verified by both the NAA in the US and FAI in Switzerland.

Congratulations U of M!!!

Next, the team will attempt to win the Sikorsky Prize, which among other requirments, demands that the helicopter rise up to at least 3m (10ft) in altitude at some point during the flight.

Judge - any attempt is pending until proven. Looked pretty good from where I stood. At this point it's unofficial.


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