Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone 5 scratched, Apple to release iPhone 4S this year

iPhone 5 scratched, Apple to release iPhone 4S this year: "

iPhone 5For those who were counting on an iPhone 5 this year, it looks like you may be waiting another year. An Apple analyst reported that Apple has no plans to make major improvements in their next generation iPhone. Instead, they will make minor adjustments, such as an upgraded camera, A5 dual-core processor, upgraded memory, and possibly HSPA+. Additionally, Apple may make the next generation iPhone available on Sprint and T-Mobile. However, the analyst reported that the next generation iPhone will not support 4G, contradicting earlier rumors.

Due to the next iPhone only sporting minor adjustments, the analyst concludes that there will be no iPhone 5 release in 2011. Instead, Apple will do something similar to the iPhone 3G and 3GS. This time, it will be the iPhone 4S.

The big reason for Apple to not include 4G in the next generation iPhone is that the addition of such hardware would force major design changes, some of which Apple was not willing to make at the moment. However, you can probably expect to see 4G in a 2012 model (perhaps called the iPhone 5). For now, analysts are insisting that we don’t expect much more out of Apple’s next generation smartphone other than minor improvements.


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