Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boeing lifts the cover on new 787-10X rendering

Boeing lifts the cover on new 787-10X rendering: "
787-10X_Family .jpg
In his Boeing Investor Conference presentation today, 787 vice president and general manager, Scott Fancher, included something extra in his accompanying slides: A new rendering of Boeing's 787-10X.

The last rendering of the aircraft was first unveiled in 2007 when the notional 787-10 was first presented at the Paris Air Show. At that point, the aircraft would have been optimized to supplant the 777-200ER with a comparable range and payload.

Jim Albaugh, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, says the new jet - a simple fuselage stretch of the 787-9 - will include 43 more seats than its 270-seat smaller predecessor.

'I believe this will be an airplane we will probably do,' says Albaugh.

The rendering didn't initially show up on the original presentation as it was broadcasting live, but materialized after the event in the accompanying materials. Interestingly, it's now the second time we've seen a Boeing concept aircraft in the 'ghost' Dreamliner colors.

A few interesting notes about this rendering, which offers official confirmation that there will be a stretch of the 47 Section aft fuselage. Also, the design is definitely shorter than the 2007 concept and eliminates any stretch of the Spirit AeroSystems-built forward 41 Section. If you look closely, you can almost see a subtle fuselage join in front of Kawasaki-built Section 43, perhaps suggesting the addition of a new 'Section 42' barrel between the center and forward fuselages.

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