Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Delay for Sbirs ... This Time For Weather

Another Delay for Sbirs ... This Time For Weather: "

CAPE CANAVERAL - U.S. Air Force officials scrubbed the launch of the first Space-Based Infrared System (Sbirs) satellite May 6.

Officials kept the Atlas V 401 launch vehicle on a hold attempting to find a break in the weather here at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., until 2:54 when the launch window closed. At issue were cumulus clouds over the launch site.

Officials are now planning an attempt for tomorrow's launch window between 2:10-2:50 pm. Barring a boost tomorrow, the next window is Sunday, May 8 2:06-2:46 pm. If Sbirs isn't up by that point, range officials will have to determine whether to proceed with Sbirs at that point or shift to operations supporting the last flight of the Shuttle Endeavour.

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source: ULA

Sbirs is the next-generation missile warning satellite, which will augment the Defense Support Program spacecraft now in orbit. Sbirs GEO-1 is slated to be certified to provide warning of ballistic missile launches within 18 months of boosting from the Cape.


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