Saturday, April 23, 2011

White iPhone 4 in the hands of one lucky customer, for sale soon

White iPhone 4 in the hands of one lucky customer, for sale soon: "

After a long wait for the white iPhone 4, it looks like the new color will finally be coming very soon. Vodafone UK allegedly started receiving shipments of the whiter phone and handed one out to a customer. This was done by making the transaction read the phone as a black iPhone. A picture of the device is above.

We have also started seeing new model numbers for the iPhone appear on some retailer websites. But this is no surprise, as Apple did say (back when the iPhone 4 was announced) that the white iPhone 4 would be coming in Spring 2011. It’s a little irritating, however, that it took this long for the white model to start coming out. It’s even more irritating when a new generation iPhone is expected later this year. However, this just is another sign showing that Apple is pushing sales of the iPhone 4 before the release of a new generation. Or maybe this means that there will be no newer generation iPhone this year… This is a tricky one to predict! All I know is that you can expect a white iPhone 4 released very soon.


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