Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Underwater scooter is fabulous, frustrating

Underwater scooter is fabulous, frustrating: "

My Aunt Macel and Uncle Bruce have an alpaca farm. So I speak with some level of experience when I say that alpacas are the most infuriatingly frustrating animals in the world. You have these little beasties, about chest-high, covered in soft fluff, and sporting the cutest, big-eyed anime faces to ever evolve in a pack animal—and yet, alpacas do not like to be touched. It's ridiculous. Clearly, if any animal was made for hugging, it's an alpaca. But if you try it, they will spit on you, and possibly bite. At best, they will permit a cursory pat on the head—if, and only if, you are also feeding them alfalfa pellets at the same time.

This video of an underwater scooter reminded me of the existential angst alpacas make me feel. Clearly, the HydroBOB is meant for wacky adventures under the sea, where you can wave merrily at fish and other creatures as you scoot on by. And yet, it's only available for use within the sterile confines of an ecologically dead swimming pool.

Sometimes, life makes no sense. As it is with alpacas, so it is with HydroBOB.

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