Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recent photos from the Chinese shipyards

Recent photos from the Chinese shipyards: "I was very surprised a couple of days ago when a friend of my sent me this NY Times Article and asked me if I contributed to it. Varyag has certainly come a long way from the day when it got dragged to Macau to be a floating casino. I've posted many photos of Varyag in the past, but its progress has finally even attracted the attention of major Western newspaper.

Of course, there are also plenty of activities around other Chinese shipyards. First of all, we see some new photos showing three different 052Cs under different stage of construction at JN shipyard. To be frank, the first photo (third 052C) has not seemed to have made too much progress, but JN shipyard certainly has a lot of work going on. It is also apparently building a couple of Yuan class submarines that will be ready soon.

At the same time, we are seeing the modules to the third Type 071 LPD under construction at HD shipyard. Of course, the second Type 071 LPD is still fitting out the different components at the dockside. I think it should be ready for sea trials soon.

Finally, we have some more photos from the WuChang shipyard. We still see the same three submarines (one of the mysterious new type and two of the improved Yuan variant). It seems like one of them is ready to head to Shanghai for acceptance testing. We also, see the final 2 cutters (of this five year plan) getting fitted before been delivered to CMS.


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