Sunday, April 10, 2011

Piolo iPhone 4 stand – the review

Piolo iPhone 4 stand – the review: "

Today we’re reviewing The Piolo, a handy portable stand for the iPhone 4.

This nifty little stand, which comes in six colors, allows you to view your iPhone in both landscape and portrait orientation completely hands-free. Ideal for watching a movie, flicking through photos or having a FaceTime call. The Piolo is made from a sturdy yet flexible bland of rubber and plastic and it hooks on to the edges of the iPhone 4.

Stand for iPhone 4

At three grams, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s looking sleek too and you can attach it to your key chain so you always bring it while you’re on the go. Not only does it look good when watching a YouTube clip, it also works great having the speaker on or stabilizing the iPhone 4 when taking photos.

The Piolo stand for iPhone 4

The Pros and Cons

Portrait modeTo begin with, The Piolo is cheap, costing about €5 EURO ($6 USD). With the exception that the stand only works for “naked” iPhone 4′s without any skins or cases there are only good things to say about it. The Piolo provides a neat way to view the phone from an attractive angle in both orientations. It’s easy to bring with you, it looks good and it’s even recyclable. Some ideas are meant to be kept simple and The Piolo sure is a great idea in a simple product. However, we have yet to see wether the plastic will stay in shape or if it’s deformed over time, by liquids or by sunrays. As for now, it’s a perfect compliment to our iPhone 4. We like The Piolo!

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