Friday, April 8, 2011

Over-Engineered iPhone Stand with ‘36,000 RPM’ Bearings

Over-Engineered iPhone Stand with ‘36,000 RPM’ Bearings: "

Spend just $170 and your iPhone need never lie flat again

If you ever thought that it might be practical to take the Power Loader from Aliens, put it in your kitchen and use it as a fruit bowl, then we may just have the perfect iPhone stand for you. It’s called the RokForm RokStand and it is possibly the most over-engineered accessory ever made.

Made from CNC-machined aluminum with rubber rings to cosset the iPhone within, the specs contain quite ridiculous bullet points. Here’s one: “Precision High speed bearing and cam adjustment” [capitalizations in original].

The stand works with one of the several dozen white iCharging cables you have already, clamping it into place with grub screws. Once propped agains the precision milled “billet 6061 T-6 aluminum” widget, you can set one of six angles of view by clicking around the little lever on the side. There are also shaped ports in the case to “enhance” the sound from the speakers.

At least you can be pretty sure that your phone never falls over.

The price for this monster is a whopping $170. If that seems like too much (although I can’t see why it would) you can opt for the portable version for “just” $120. It only has two angles of adjustment, but it does come with “Adjustment arms [which] ride on double sealed 36,000 RPM bearings.” 36,000 RPM! That should set your mind at rest.

I’m sure all of you have stopped reading already and are currently over at the RokForm site, desperately entering your credit card details into the shopping form. If not, then may I interest you in a new product I’m working on? It’s an oversized, hand-machined, aircraft aluminum pen-holder, which weighs a satisfying two pounds and will cost you just $200.

RokForm RokStand product page [RokForm via Oh Gizmo]


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