Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreamliner coming closer to reality for ANA pilots

Dreamliner coming closer to reality for ANA pilots: "

Good things, they say, come to those who wait...and wait.

After more than three years of delays, All Nippon Airways is now confident enough in Boeing's latest schedule that it has finally started training its pilots to fly the Dreamliner.


The airline, which expects to receive its first 787 during the third quarter, began training the first 10 pilots today (18 April). This first training programme will take around a month, and a further 70 ANA pilots are scheduled to undertake the 787 course during ANA's current fiscal year.


ANA, which has 55 Dreamliners on order, says that the start of pilot training is 'a big step forward' in its preparations towards the type's introduction, initially on domestic services and then to international destinations.

This should, of course, have happened in May 2008, according to the original schedule. Better late than never, as they also say!


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