Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cheap, Hexapod Robot Kit Skitters Into Action

Cheap, Hexapod Robot Kit Skitters Into Action: "

The KMR-M6 is a cheap robot bug for the hobbyist

Say hello to KMR-M6, a little hexapod robot from Japanese robot maker Kondo. KMR-M6 is a six-legged bug designed for the hobbyist market, and in the configuration seen here, costs just ¥76,000, or $890.

With six legs, the robot needs just 12 servo motors to move, one on each leg drives vertical movement, and the other controls horizontal twist, which lets it dance, skitter and spin as you can see in the video.

The robobug is available in kit form, so you can build it up how you like, mounting cameras and microphones and other tools on the chassis. You can even buy individual legs, which is great news for me, as it will allow me to finally put my Doctor Octopus suit plans into action.

The hexapod will ship in early May.

Hexapod Robot Ready to Conquer Extreme Obstacles [Robot Dreams]

Kondo robots [Kondo]


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