Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brazil Rides the Hypersonic Wave

Brazil Rides the Hypersonic Wave: "Hypersonics is where it is at, these days, when it comes to military aerospace technology. It is no different in Brazil, one of the emerging powerhouses in aerospace.

Brazil, with a little help from the U.S. Air Force, has its military development centers and industry working on a waverider concept. The early elements are to be demonstrated already next year, but a full-blown operational concept will be a while in the making.

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(Photo: Robert Wall)

The test next year will be of an aerodynamic shape to serve as the foundation for the Mach 14 micro-satellite launch vehicle envisioned at some point. It should lead to another test of a more operationally representative, yet subscale, demo around 2014-2016.

Much of the scramjet-powered system remains to be defined. Fuel options and structural material options are still under review.
But as with so many of these efforts, Brazil's activity will be among those to watch.


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