Monday, April 25, 2011

Barack Obama and the iPad-in-Chief

Barack Obama and the iPad-in-Chief: "

US President Barack Obama has been well-known for his love of RIM's BlackBerry, at least until last year when he admitted that the device is now 'no fun' because of the security strictures he faces as Commander-in-Chief. The President has also said that technology in the White House is '30 years behind,' with a lack of 'really cool phones and stuff.' The President recently admitted he got an iPad, but until a recent photo, it wasn't clear whether he got the old model or the new iPad 2. Consider this mystery solved, because based on this photo of him boarding Marine One it's clear the President is toting around a brand-new iPad 2, complete with a Smart Cover.

The iPad-in-Chief

We're still not sure what the President uses his iPad for, though it's funny to picture the world's most powerful politician playing Angry Birds on Air Force One while the 'football' sits nearby. It seems Apple's device has been cleared by White House security, which typically is not an easy feat -- the President reportedly had trouble getting clearance for his BlackBerry. If you work for a company whose IT department has been reticent about letting the iPad in, you've now got some potent ammunition for your counterargument.

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