Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Air France A380 Clips Comair CRJ-700 at JFK Airport

Air France A380 Clips Comair CRJ-700 at JFK Airport: "

An Air France Airbus A380 jet clipped a small commuter plane while taxiing Monday night. The Air France airbus was taxing for takeoff to Paris when its wing collided with the tail of a Comair commuter jet. The double-decker jumbo jet, whose wingspan measures 80 meters (262 feet), misjudged its taxiing space, driving its left wing into the tail of the other plane.

The CRJ-700 Bombardier aircraft, run by Delta Connection, spun nearly 90 degrees as the Air France flight continued down the taxiway. The 62 passengers aboard the jet plane had just arrived from Boston and were given quite a scare. There were no casualties on either aircraft.


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