Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2012 Honda Civic Keeps $16,355 Base Price, New Civic Si Prices Same as Old

2012 Honda Civic Keeps $16,355 Base Price, New Civic Si Prices Same as Old: "

We’ve driven a bunch of 2012 Civics, including the Civic Si, so now it’s time to talk money. Prices for the 2012 Civic are largely unchanged from those of the 2011 models.

Honda has kept the cheapest version just as cheap, with the DX coupe starting at $16,355 with a manual, while its sedan counterpart continues to start $200 higher, at $16,555. The DX models (and thus all Civics) include power windows and, you know, wheels and stuff. On trim levels that offer it, the five-speed automatic is an extra $800.

The LX adds important features like A/C, power locks, a stereo (with speakers!), and cruise, as well as $2050 to the sticker of both the manual coupe and sedan, for totals of $18,405 and $18,605.

For $20,455 (coupe) or $21,255 (sedan), the EX heaps a sunroof, an upgraded stereo, and another 12-volt power outlet in addition to the LX’s kit. (EX coupes are available with the manual, but EX sedans only come with the automatic, hence the base-price difference.) For $22,755, you get an EX in either body style with nav and satellite radio but without the option of a stick in the coupe, while $22,705 gets an EX-L—L for leather. If you want both nav and leather, it’s going to set you back $24,205 for either a coupe or a sedan.

The Civic hybrid remains a sedan-only affair and starts at $24,800, a $100 bump over last year. The hybrid is offered in three additional varieties: with leather for $26,000, with nav and satellite radio for $26,300, and with everything for $27,500.

For the fuel-conscious on a budget, there’s the Civic HF sedan, which starts at $20,205. Its equipment closely matches that of the base LX model with an automatic, which is the only transmission available on the HF. This high-fuel-efficiency variant bumps economy up a bit by way of low-rolling-resistance tires mounted to lightweight aerodynamic wheels, a trunklid spoiler, and additional underbody panels.

Lastly, the budget-conscious and performance-minded will be glad to know that the Civic Si models, both sedan and coupe, continue with no base-price bump: $22,955 will still get you a coupe, and $23,155 lands you a sedan. Adding nav and XM radio costs $1500, while an extra $200 gets summer performance tires.


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