Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wolfram|Alpha Becomes Scannable with QR Codes

Wolfram|Alpha Becomes Scannable with QR Codes: "

By now, you’ve probably noticed those cute black and white squares popping up on everything from T-shirts to magazine advertisements to cereal boxes. These are called Quick Response (QR) codes, and thanks to the rise in smartphone use, they are becoming more popular than ever.

Scan these codes with a QR reader

Scan these codes with a QR reader
Scan these codes with a QR reader

Since their inception in 1994 in Japan, QR codes have quickly risen in popularity throughout many Asian countries. The technology is still finding its footing in the United States and other western countries, but many advertisers and niche communities are adapting the 2D barcode innovation. Flip open your favorite magazine and you will most likely see the stamp-like code on multiple advertisements.

Wolfram|Alpha now offers the capability to produce QR codes. Just type in “QR code” in addition to whatever information you want to be coded. The function can encode up to 7 KB of data, including phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, or just plain text.

For example, you could create a code that shares your business information.

QR code: Jenny Doe, 867-5309

Once the QR code is created, embed it into your personal website, email it to your business clients, or print it out on your business cards. They then can be scanned by smartphones or computer applications.

Or say you’re a retailer trying to sell a product. Add a QR code to an advertisement as a quick link to an online store where your product can be purchased.

Scan this code with a QR reader

What other uses can you find for QR codes? Share some examples in the comments.


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