Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drill-Powered Trike Is Uncomfortably Awesome

Drill-Powered Trike Is Uncomfortably Awesome: "


Nils Ferber’s EX is named for the word “eccentricity”, although it may as well mean “ex-living”, so amazingly dangerous does this machine look. It’s a three-wheeled electric trike, powered by two electric drills and steered by your own spine. The open design was inspired by “a skeleton with its organs [exposed]“, and this is what you might become if you make a wrong move.

To ride the EX, you must lay almost prone, with your knees inserted into metal hoops that put almost all the weight of your body on your shins as they press against thin, hard rods. The rest of your weight is taken by your arms and wrists. To see where you are going, you must hold your head up by craning your neck. We can safely conclude that this isn’t the most comfy ride out there.

The EX will speed across the ground at up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph), which will surely feel a lot faster with your face so close to the road. The machine is “controlled” by throttles and brake levers mounted on the handlebar, and the power is sent to the rear-wheel via bike chains and cogs.

I would definitely take this thing out for a spin, although you’d never get me on public roads — the EX in that case would be a little too EXhilarating for me. I imagine it makes you feel like you are flying. Well, flying whilst having Joe Pesci going crazy on your shins with fire pokers, but flying nonetheless. Take a look at Nils’ project site, including his amazing early models which are made out of Lego, and marvel at the man who not only built this thing, but then went on to race it.

EX trike [Nils Ferber via Oh Gizmo]

Photos: Nils Ferber


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